Sharpen Your Own Chef's Knife


Sharpen Your Own Chef's Knife


Do you smoosh your tomatoes more than actually cutting them? You wish could dice an onion like a pro?

With a good knife, once mundane tasks become suddenly pleasurable and satisfying. You can chop and slice in no time, comfortable and cramp-free like the kitchen ninja you were born to be.

If you want that knife to continue working at peak performance, you have to show it some love. That means cleaning it properly, storing it properly, honing it regularly, and sharpening it to maintain the blade. In this class, you’ll find all the information you need to learn to hone and sharpen. 

By the way, these skills are not only helpful for kitchen knives, but also for woodworking tools like chisels and handheld planers. 

Bring your own kitchen knife (blade 12" max.). Unfortunately, we can't sharpen serrated knifes.

Learn new skills and book today, these popular classes are sold out in no time!

NOTE: A minimum of 4 participants is required for the class to run, so make sure to invite your friends!


20% Discount applies to: 

  • HNL Tool Library active members
  • Senior Citizens with valid ID that shows age of 65+
  • Students with valid ID that shows validation for the current semester

If you are part of this demographic, enter promo code MEMBER20 at checkout and bring your valid state and/or student ID with you!



Prerequisites: None

Recommended: None

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