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Foundation Classes

These foundation classes will be required prior to taking many of our future classes. We recommend taking them as soon as you get a chance (especially POWERTOOLS 201)! 

Powertools 101 : Make a Step Stool!

This intro class is designed for those who want to start making but don't know where to begin. Joining will build your confidence so that you can take a step towards tackling a DIY project on your own!

Participants will build a handy step stool out of reclaimed lumber, and learn how to use these tools:

Miter saw, Drills, Pocket-hole Jigs, Sanders, and Jigsaw.

Yes! The step-stool is yours to take home!

Powertools 201 : using power saws

Tools can be dangerous, but not if used properly! 

This class is designed to teach you how to properly and safely use Power Saws, and build confidence and experience through hands-on practice. 

This is a skill-based class which will be required prior to taking some woodworking classes. By partcipating you will learn how to properly use:

Miter Saws, Sawzalls (Reciprocating Saws), Bandsaw, Jigsaw, Circular Saws

Each participants will practice using the saws to cut different types of wood and, for some saws, metal. 

Although you will not be makng something to take home, in this class you will learn skills that will take your future projects to next level in total safety! 


RECOMMENDED: PowerTools 101

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