So, Here Is How It Works:

With an HNL Tool Library membership, you can check out the tools you need for your projects for up to 7 days, as many times as you want

To keep membership affordable, everyone is encouraged to share their tools and contribute to the building of our inventory and a new sharing economy. 


Tuesday: 930am - 1pm                     Friday: 1pm - 5pm                    Sunday: 2pm - 5 pm


Who can borrow tools? Borrowing tools is a privilege reserved for HNL Tool Library members only. Memberships are available for individuals and for non-profit organizations. You can also share the love and buy a gift-membership for someone special!

So once I’m a member, borrowing tools is free? Yes, with a “Make It” membership you can check-out tools at no cost. “Fix It” members may be charged a small fee for high-maintenance tools.  

Our annual membership costs less than most rental companies charge for a daily rate for some tools. We hope to inspire your creativity and help you undertake lots of awesome projects.

How long can I borrow a tool for? You're loans will be due after to 7 days. If you wanted to return the loaned items earlier, you can do so during open hours. 

Can I borrow more than one tool at the time? Yup! However, depending on your membership type, you might have a limit on power-tools, so make sure you purchase a membership that will fit your needs!

What if a tool isn't returned on time? Penalty fees will apply to late check-ins. Click here to see the current late fees amounts.

Other community members might be waiting for the tools you are using. Please keep that in mind when the check-in date approaches!

Can tools be renewed? Members may ask to renew each tool once if they contact HNLTL prior to the due date; however, HNLTL reserves the right to refuse or limit renewals and will do so based on demand. If renewal acceptance is not received, member must return the tool on the original due date, or pay any late penalty fees if returning at a later time. Click here to see our detailed renewal procedure.

Can I reserve tools? Tools are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You will, however, be able to see our online inventory and check what's available for your project before you come in. 

The ability to reserve tools is given only to non-profit organizations who need tools for a specific project or event. 

What happens if I damage a tool? Normal wear and tear of tools is inevitable and we ask members to talk to us about their experience with the tool. In extreme cases, members may be fined for damage to equipment.

We’re sharing tools: we don’t wreck your stuff, you don’t wreck our stuff.  (: 

Can I donate tools? Please do! If you have under-used tools sitting around, we'd be happy to give them a new great social life. You can add them to our inventory and receive a tax-deduction on them, while still having access to them in the library. Learn how here.

What do you do with damaged tools? We are building a ‘tool hospital’ at the lending library where tools are cared for, fixed, cleaned, and sharpened by experienced volunteers ensuring you get a tool that is in working order. We are looking for “tool doctors,” wanna help?

Is my credit card information safe? The HNL Tool Library doesn’t store your card information directly. We use a third-party payment processor which securely encrypts and stores the data. We can use your card to process any fees, but no one from our team can access any information besides the last 4 digits of your card number.