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We want to live in a Hawai'i where sharing is the way of life. To help achieve that, our mission is to increase our community's resource-wealth by providing a platform for sharing, education and skill development. We also believe in creating community that's fired up and empowered to take life into their own hands. By joining our efforts, you're taking part in helping shift outdated, engrained mindsets and habits from excess to access. Be a part of our Movement!

The Tool Library wouldn't be possible without volunteers. There are endless possibilities for the project we have started, but we need your help to make the leap from possibility to reality! If you're interested in joining our efforts, please read through the information below, fill out our volunteer interest form, and put our next Info Session on your calendar, marked with stars and exclamation points!

We can't wait to get started. See you on the front line!

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Becoming a volunteer with the Honolulu Tool Library is one of the most exciting ways you can help push our mission forward. Our Volunteer Ohana is composed of three tiers - from general  "when-can" help, to committed roles with regular shifts. All TL volunteership starts with the General Power Squad, where individuals can move into more specific roles if fit, desire and availability align. And just like Ohana should, we make a point to spend time having fun together, too: regular team activities and member socials are also a part of the package.

General Power Squad


Our General Power Squad is our army of support. One day they might be representing us out in the community at an event, the next they might be helping us build sand sifters for an upcoming Sustainable Coastlines beach cleanup. As a member of the Gen P Squad, we keep you up-to-date with all that's upcoming, and you get to choose how often and in what way you want help out. (And our projects are as varied as the rainbow!)

R.O.P. Before you're dubbed an offical member of the Gen P Squad:

  • Attend one of our quartlery Info Sessions
  • Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form
  • Help out at least 2 times to see how we work together

Perks If you volunteer as suggested above, you get:

  • 20% Off Workshops
  • Free shirt!
  • Learn awesome skills alongside a tight-knit and enthusiastic team.
  • High-fives all day.

Special Support Team


Do you have a particular skill, specialty or way you want to support our mission and operations? Well, special support is where you'd plug in! Volunteer engagement at this level might look like you helping us individually (say you're a photographer and want help us build content, or a community planner able to help with events) OR it might look like you becoming a commited, specialized part of project that needs organized effort in order to succeed. Being a part of our Special Support Team means you dig your heels in with us in a way that lets you see real results. If interested, let us know how you'd like to contribute when you fill out our volunteer interest form. And don't be shy - if you want to help with something we're not already doing, tell us what we need!


  • Complete the R.O.P. for the General Power Squad
  • Join us for a one-on-one to explore how you can help

Perks If you volunteer as suggested above, you get:

  • Free Membership!
  • 30% Off Classes
  • A free t-shirt and sticker!
  • 50% off other merchandise.
  • High-fives all day.

Core Crew


Our Core Crew is made of amazing volunteers that play an absolutely integral role in keeping the library open and running. These are our Librarians, Tool Doctors and Workshop Instructors, who each commit their time, enthusiasm and talent on a consistent basis, and are always smiling in the process. Each role is high-commitment with regular shifts, with it's own process for onboarding and training. Being a part of the Core Crew means you're making the vision of the Tool Library a reality, and in doing so, playing an active part in creating a new world economy. (Yep, we're on a mission.)

R.O.P. As a member of the core crew, you're expected to:

  • Complete the R.O.P. for Gen P Squad and Special Support teams.
  • Complete Training and Safety Classes
  • Attend all relevant staff meetings.

Perks If you volunteer as suggested above, you get:

  • Free membership!
  • Free Classes when there's availability!
  • Access to workspace and tools to tackle your DIY projects!
  • 20% OFF purchases at Re-use Hawaii
  • Free shirt & sticker when you join!
  • 50% OFF other merchandise.
  • High-fives all day.

Want in? Please Fill out our volunteer interest form!

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We envision a Hawai'i where sharing is the way of life, and we're on mission to make that possible. Are you with us?!
Note: As Core Crew or Special Support, you'll be kept in the loop for all Gen P happenings.
Here you get to explain your "why". What drives you to being a TL Volunteer? Why does this matter to you?
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